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At Atelier, we recognise the creative effort required by dedicated artists to learn a skill, practice a technique and experiment with materials. This virtual space opens the doors to those workshops near and far giving you a glimpse into the artists’ studios, a chance to read their stories and the ability to buy their products.

Our team curates the Atelier fashion collection; they search for exclusive, handcrafted, high-quality, wardrobe accessories for women including jewellery, scarves, hats and sweaters.

The Atelier home décor collection is carefully selected to bring you artisanal showpieces for your home and unique household gifts. Shopping in our online boutique is easy, you can decorate your home and add flair to your dining table, knowing that we have chosen limited production items made by real people. We invite you to meet our creators, understand their artisan stories and how and why they are pursuing a craft.

Carolyne Kauser-Abbott


Market basketsArtists choose to hone their artistic talents in a workshop or studio. This creative space is called an atelier in French. Ateliers can be private areas where the artist works in a solitary envelope, inspired by their surroundings and lost in the pursuit of their craft. Ateliers can also be lively environments where a principal sets a master vision for the production of an art form that is then brought together under his/her supervision by the collective actions of assistants and apprentices.

When you buy from Atelier, you can be sure of a product’s quality and know that you are helping to grow a community of talented artisans. Atelier features a limited number of beautiful, handcrafted fashion accessories for women and home décor products from Canada and Europe.

Do you know an artisan whose work should be featured on Atelier? Do you have comments on a product that you purchased? We look forward to hearing from you! Please get in touch with us via email:

Thank you for shopping for artisan products made by our Atelier Designers!

Carolyne Kauser-Abbott


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