Erinlaura Jewelry

Erinlaura Jewelry
I started Erinlaura Jewelry in 2014 after creating a delicate rose quartz ring for myself that I could not find anywhere else in the market. After wearing that one simple ring to work one day I found myself with countless orders from friends wanting the same ring. It all took off from there, I started searching for the most truly unique semi precious stones I could find. I love the combination of masculine and feminine energies blended together and I find that look can be accomplished with raw rough stones in feminine jewelry settings.

The brand name 'Erinlaura' is a combination of my name as well as my grandmother's she is the most creative woman I know. I like to believe I inherited my creativity from her. All of the jewelry I create is named after friends in my life or people I have come across. I think each name has a special propensity to give its own sense of feeling and style. One of the reasons I am inclined to use semi-precious stones is no one stone is ever the same, which makes every piece of Erinlaura Jewelry unique to the person that owns it.

With everything being handmade by myself I have the luxury of creating new innovative designs as I find new inspirations.

I hope you love using this jewelry to express your own individualistic style as much as I love making it for you!

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