Creator Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Can you tell us about Atelier?

The French word for a workshop is atelier, a place where artisans are inspired to explore their creativity. The Atelier team is searching for artisans for two exclusive collections:

Atelier Fashion Accessories – Emphasis on contemporary women’s fashion we are partnering with a limited number of exclusive designers for striking jewellery, fabric garments and stunning trimmings for any occasion.

Atelier Home Décor – Kitchen to table, hearth to boudoir our creators are transforming raw materials into high-quality handcrafted products into keepsakes.

Consumers are flooded with online shopping choices, at Atelier we aim to selected limited edition, exclusive collection items from artists’ studios and workshops. We offer a small selection of market-inspired creations that are handcrafted with care by our creators.

At Atelier, we offer occasional “pop-up shops” with products that we have curated from specialty artisans. These are typically only available in limited quantities and for short periods of time.  If you would like to be included in one of our pop-up sales, please send us an email here:

Who is the Team?

Atelier is a small team of dedicated enthusiasts who work hard to find artisan creators.

What is our Vision?

To bring together a community of artisans under one digital umbrella. We know that our buyers are mostly women who are looking for authentic craftsmanship and unique items for fashion accessories (for themselves or as gifts). These same shoppers are decorating their homes, buying exclusive corporate gifts and treating their friends to fashionable keepsakes. These savvy shoppers need to understand the story behind the creator(s) and their studio(s). At Atelier, our focus is on quality not quantity.

What are the benefits of being an Atelier creator?

At Atelier, we understand that your passion is in the production of your handcrafted goods. We also understand that the realities of running a small business involve countless hours that may take you away from your workshop. The team at Atelier works as your partner by sharing your personal story and the craftwork behind your creations with our customers. We have experience in building website presence and SEO reach to engage a targeted audience. Think of Atelier as an extension of your marketing efforts, a group that provides greater SEO reach and social media outreach. As an Atelier creator, you will be joining a group of true artisans in their vocations.

Online retail has exploded, making it easy to set-up a shop in an afternoon. Large craft focused websites are bursting with competing products. Atelier aims rise above the “noise” with our curated collections Atelier Fashion Accessories and Atelier Home Décor.

We are partnering with a small number of exclusive designers who are experts at transforming raw materials into treasures.

Is there a fee to become a creator?

At Atelier, we want to maintain a simple, transparent formula for our creators.

  • Low annual listing fee (for product set-up and maintenance)
  • No transaction fees
  • Flat % commission on sales
  • No penalties for termination

What if this is not working for me?

There is no fixed term you can choose to stop being one of our creators at any time, without penalty.

How do Atelier buyers learn about my business?

Each creator gets a profile (150-200 words). We promote all products and creators on social media channels, in our blogs and regular newsletters.

Our expertise is in writing copy for successful websites, creative blog posts, leveraging social media platforms and email marketing.

How does it work?

We take care of website administration, which includes setting up your creator’s profile and any products that you wish to list. You can list as many or as few products as you like (we recommend starting with a few signature items or a “private” collection).

When one of your products is purchased you get an email from Atelier with the buyers’ details. We send you a shipping label. You package the order and ship to the customer via Canada Post.

What are your creator eligibility criteria?

We are happy to consider your product(s) as long as they are not mass-produced in a factory, you are able to produce in reasonable quantities and agree to our creator terms and conditions. Our goal is to work with best-in-class artisans and merchants so we can showcase their high-quality products.

Please send us an email with some details.

How to apply to become a creator?

As long as your product is suitable we ask our creator to sign a short creator’s agreement. Please send us an email

Your question was not listed here – please contact us

Please send us your question via email to and we will respond within 24 hours!


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