Cashmere Sweater – Dress Like a Parisian Woman the French Rose

The v-neck French Rose is a pullover cashmere sweater that flows like a poncho. Loose-fit sleeves give this top a relaxed look that is decidedly sexy, a bit like that French woman who exudes that “je ne sais quoi” fashion style without looking like she tried.

The French Rose Cashmere Sweater works perfectly with your favourite jeans or leggings. This handcrafted cashmere creation is that layer you need as the weather changes.

This sweater is knit with fine gauge, featherweight 1ply cashmere. The French Rose sweater is the luxurious cover that you need on a chilly airplane or in an air conditioned restaurant.

Made with 100% cashmere, the French Rose Cashmere Sweater is designed and weaved on Bowen Island, B.C. by the artisans at ARTIGIANI MILANESI.

This sweater is available in one size and several colours.

Care instructions:  Hand wash in warm water or dry clean.

Shipping Details:


ARTIGIANI  MILANESI garments are made to order. Please note your garment will be mailed within 2-3 weeks after the date of order.


  • Color: Aeris (ice grey)
  • Color: Baby Blue
  • Color: Laser Grey
  • Color: Mose (moss green)
  • Color: Nero (Black)
  • Color: Neve (off white)
  • Color: Soft Pink
  • Color: Zero (Cream)
  • Material:
  • Material:
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Aeris (ice grey)
Nero Black
Baby Blue
Neve (off-white)
Soft Pink
Mose (moss green)
$705.00 each

Meet the Designer

Artigiani Milanesi | Bowen Island

ARTIGIANI MILANESI was Established 1959 in Milan, Italy by the Bizzarri Family. An Italian family of cashmere knitwear artisans. They have created fine Italian style; “Proprietary, Bespoke & Tailored” Cashmere Knitwear for more than 55 years.

The ARTIGIANI MILANESI workshop is now based on Bowen Island in British Columbia, where The Bizzarri’s take intense personal pride in their stylish Italian designs and the extraordinary high quality of their Cashmere garments.

Meticulous care is taken over every detail in the making and hand finishing of a cashmere garment. Every garment is critically inspected for styling and quality and to ensure it is perfect fit and is visually striking Eco - sustainable, locally produced and fiercely adhering to their heritage, they use only the purest natural Italian Cashmere yarns & the oldest Italian artisan methods known.

They invite you to invest in a part of Italian history & style choosing authenticity and discerning luxury.

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