Hand Woven Woollen Scarves in Canadiana Inspired Colours

Merino wool is the key ingredient in these stunning Woollen Scarves that are part of the Goble Canadiana Collection (2017). This scarf is a knock-out wardrobe accessory by designer Cindy Goble.

Hand woven in Canada with a soft 100% merino these scarves turn a practical wardrobe accessory into a fashion statement. The scarves are in a checkerboard pattern with colours that Cindy Goble has chosen to represent the natural Canadian landscape – coastal shores, wheat fields, mountain peaks and snowy tundra.

Choose your hand woven scarf from a selection of beautiful colours. The natural shades of the Canadian landscape are these four (4) colour options: Arctic (white), Maritime (red), Prairies (tan), Rockies (brown and blue). Select your preferred Goble Canadiana scarf colour below.

Dimensions: 11.5” X 65” (30cm X 165cm)

Shipping Details: Ready to ship.

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$335.00 each

Meet the Designer

Cindy Goble | London

Cindy Goble first learned how to knit and weave at the age of seven with her German/Lithuanian mother Elly who worked with the medium as an art form and a way to show her love for family and friends. Despite a strong independent streak and her frustration with knitting, Cindy kept returning to the needles and loom as a means of expression. By age 15, she had already secured demand from friends, family and beyond, for her Bohemian aesthetic designs.

Cindy’s strong skill and confidence in her work and business evolved from her multi-faceted professional experience, which included retail fashion, modeling and an online perfume business. She also represented London in the Miss Canada beauty pageant. A period in real estate solidified her business acumen.

It’s been a circuitous path, but Cindy believes each life experience has contributed to the upcoming launch and establishment of GŌBLE-- “Marriage, two children, family and my mother in particular, who taught me the value of using the best natural yarns and of experimenting with design and technique, inspired me to return to knitting with a passion. Thanks to her guidance and encouragement, as well as that of friends, I am fortunate to work with the finest natural organic materials and provide women with luxurious hand knit and woven accessories.”

Cindy Goble shares her vision and design for GŌBLE with daughter Grace, who is currently a knitter at GŌBLE and once she completes her studies in business, she will play an important role in the company.


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