Medium Leather Tote Bag is What you need for Running Errands

This bison leather tote bag is a medium-sized shoulder bag with a simple yet edgy look! The leather shoulder straps are secured with solid metal hardware and there is a finishing touch of a feather keychain (in leather).

Designer Colleen Poitras uses a heavier gauge grey or black bison leather. The hand-stitched bag is unlined for a sleek finish. This lightweight bag is perfect for daytime use, large enough for the essentials, but not oversized.

Tote Measurements: Approximately 17″ (43 cm) x 12.5″ (32 cm)

This versatile tote bag is available in two leather options grey or black bison. Please make your selection below.

Shipping details:
Each tote is made to order. Please allow one week before shipment.

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$210.00 each

Meet the Designer

Colleen Poitras | Milton

Pretty. Rocker. Chic. Accessories

Colleen Poitras envelopes an original style sensibility with her use of materials, marrying leather with concrete, metals, crystals and semi precious stones.

Growing up with a seamstress mother and working with various designers early on, allowed for an appreciation of fashion in its many forms. Following up with jewellery studies at George Brown and The Mississauga Centre for the Arts, furthered that love of design, giving confidence and voice to what is known as a very distinctive, original, reflective jewellery and accessories line.

Artist Statement:
I believe that every day gives us the right to express ourselves, the right to be bold or the right to be subtle. I create each piece as a form of expression. I love when my pieces take a back seat to a fabulous outfit as much as I love it when my creations are the focal point to a look. Every look tells a story, and I am blessed to be part of that very personal journey with my clients. We all have pretty, we all have rocker and we all have chic in who we are. The choice is yours…who or what combination will you be today?

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