Tan Leather Diffuser Bracelet and Lava Bead WEAR YOUR COURAGE

WEAR YOUR COURAGE is a tan leather diffuser bracelet and a lariat, with a pretty turquoise lava bead. This piece is so versatile and casual you can easily wrap the leather around your wrist or wear long as a necklace.

Add some bohemian flair to your everyday look, and don’t forget to add some essential oils to this artisan crafted jewellery. Yes — you can add essential oils to the lava bead or the leather part of this bracelet (necklace), and benefit from the aromatherapeutic qualities of essential oils.

Discover the design inspiration for this jewellery line here.

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$64.00 each

Meet the Designer

Katja Presnal | Halifax

Katja Presnal, global lifestyle expert, and the owner of the Skimbaco Lifestyle brand, started using essential oils in her favourite leather jewelry a few years ago, and realized it was the perfect way to diffuse essential oils and enjoy their aromatherapeutic benefits. The essential oils stay in the jewelry longer than on skin, and the oils can help to feel empowered, relaxed or more focused, depending on which oils you use. Essential oils are the aromatic liquids found within botanicals, and they contain unique constituents that provide therapeutic results.

Katja teamed up with her favourite jewelry designer DeAnna Cochran Jewelry to create ENJOY LIFE diffuser jewelry collection, and the first collection launched in 2016. All of the ENJOY LIFE jewelry can be used with essential oils, and the oils can be added to lava beads, leather or crystal geode parts of the jewelry. Only use with high quality essential oils that are suitable for topical use, because especially the bracelet will touch your skin, so you will receive topical benefits as well, besides aromatherapeutic benefits. Do not use low grade essential oils that are not meant for topical use.

The first collection is inspired by Bali, and the island’s sandy beaches and turquoise water. Every piece is handmade, and the jewelry comes in a jute bag and with an instruction card, making the jewelry perfect for gift giving.


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