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5 Reasons to Shop Small Business this Saturday

In 2009, American Express initiated a campaign that hits the other end of the spectrum from “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” – they called it Small Business Saturday. Now, one might think that AMEX’s intentions were somewhat self-serving, encouraging shoppers to get out in their hometowns with their credit cards in hand.

However, seven years later the idea “Shop Small” might have just outgrown the original marketing campaign. Find out more in this Forbes article on “Why Small Business Saturday Matters Now More Than Ever.”

Why shop small business?

  1. Support local communities, town centres, walkable cities
  2. Shop for unique, handcrafted, one-of-a-kind items
  3. Encourage creativity and entrepreneurial spirit
  4. Enjoy friendly service – these are folks who do what they do because they love it
  5. You can (and should) ask for advice – remember these folks are experts in their business whether it is tuning bikes, making gelato or weaving silk.

At Atelier, our whole business model is built around small businesses. Our Designers have spent years learning and perfecting their creative mediums – from weaving to beeswax, from gemstones to woodwork

Browse our shop here and support a ┬ásmall business this Saturday November 26th – we are offering 10% of our sales if you use this coupon code: shopsmallbiz

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