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Sharing the Vision Behind Atelier Boutiques in Video

Recently, I had the opportunity to meet with Hendrick van Wyk and his two counterparts at “Two Cowboys and a Camera” at a Canmore cafe. As we sipped our flat whites, we discussed the philosophies behind both of our companies. It turns out that the parallels were not just in identical coffee orders. We collectively believe in promoting the businesses that sustain communities, economies and traditions.

Based in beautiful Canmore, Alberta, the Two Cowboys team is often on the road shooting and editing video for community-based organisations. Their mission is a lofty goal of capturing the behind the scenes details of the what, why and how for small businesses and producers around Alberta and well beyond Canada’s borders.

The Two Cowboys team consider their work a social enterprise with a goal of promoting the people and products that are the cornerstones of communities and local economies. Hendrik and his team are sharing those stories through video production, blog posts and social media. Read more about Two Cowboys here.

It seemed like a natural fit to meet with the camera crew, and describe the vision behind Atelier Boutiques. Their video captures our appreciation for the hard work and passion required for artistic pursuits.

The following is an excerpt from the Two Cowboys’ blog post on Atelier Boutiques:

In conversations with Artisans, they admit that the one hurdle they all identify is the need to take their work to market. They invest emotionally in their creations. They spend every living, breathing waking moment in making and fabricating. It takes hours, days, weeks and sometimes a lifetime for an artist or craftsman to produce their best work. This happens while there is always the delicate balance between creating something remarkable or just good enough to get it out the door for the week’s rent of their workshop.

Carolyne’s passion for unique, one-of-a-kind creations from outstanding artisans inspired her to create a service where she helps these makers to take their products to market and to tell their stories.

It is a marketplace with a difference.

Atelier recognises the creative effort required by dedicated artists to learn a skill, practice a technique and experiment with materials. It creates a virtual space that opens the doors to those workshops near and far, by giving you a glimpse into the artists’ studios, a chance to read or see their stories and the ability to buy their products.

Carolyne searches for exclusive, handcrafted, high-quality, wardrobe accessories for women including jewellery, scarves, hats and sweaters. The home décor collection is carefully selected to bring artisanal showpieces and unique household gifts to market.

Read the full blog Two Cowboys post here.