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We are an online marketplace for women’s fashion accessories and items for the home. Atelier is the French word for workshop or studio, the place where artistic talents are learned and developed with time and focus. Our Canadian designers have mastered traditional techniques, understand how to work with raw materials and are dedicated to sustainable fashion.

Only after years of taking courses, perfecting techniques, and working with creative masters is an artist ready to fabricate goods suitable for a discerning retail buyer. At Atelier our goal is to complement a designer’s marketing efforts by offering a curated niche collection of high-quality, limited production clothing, handbags, jewellery and gifts for the home.

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Cassandra Burrell Halifax Shop CassBurr Designs Eco-Friendly Clothing for Busy Women

Clothing designer Cassandra Burrell has explored the fashion communities on both Canadian coasts. The Halifax native tells us that she moved to Vancouver for artistic inspiration after her graduation from ...

Family Day Discount Family Day Holiday Shopping Discount

Alberta’s Family Day holiday always falls on the 3rd Monday in February, the same day as President’s Day in the United States. Perfect timing for a civic holiday ...

Knitwear-Slouchy-Hat-Borealis-Blue Elegant Hand Knit Designs for Modern Women by Cindy Goble

Cindy Goble did not exactly “fall” into her trade, she is the third generation in a family of knitters, but she is certainly focused on establishing GŌBLE as a ...

Featured Designer

KOTI Designs

KOTI Designs

KOTI Designs is the work of Kaarina Talvila, a fibre artist living in Vancouver BC.

She designs and handcrafts silk evening bags in striking colours and strong forms, which are softened by the addition of tassels and vintage buttons. Each piece is finished with the utmost care and attention to detail.

A background rich in diverse experiences, including a degree in Geology, a career in software development and a year living in Zimbabwe, all work together to inform her work with colour, form and precision. Her unique look is also influenced by a love of Art Deco and the Japanese aesthetic.

Her label “KOTI” means “home” in Finnish, and was chosen as a tribute ...

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